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Are you ready to fall in love without ever seeing the other person? How about if you only see the other person and never speak to them? Y’all, as if love wasn’t complicated enough… so we’re here to break down not one, but TWO new dating reality shows, Love is Blind and Flirty Dancing, & find out which dating barriers are the real heart breakers!

Does your soul exist outside of your body in the form of a nondescript ferret? Do you have the urge to go live with a stranger minutes after your best friend was kidnapped? Well then His Dark Materials, which premiered November 3rd, 2019 might be the show for you.

This week we’re breaking character and stabbing some people in the back to interview the feisty cast of the upcoming season of Sequester, which premieres November 3rd on YouTube! Watch the VIDEO interviews now or listen to our podcast online or by subscribing for our full cast breakdown AND we draft our top 3 winner picks at the very end!

When things get dark, hopefully you have your hoard of fairy friends to help immigrate to a new country with you. And when they all die in a horrific boat accident, well… there’s always Orlando Bloom. Carnival Row, which premiered August 30, 2019 on Amazon Prime, really has us flying high, but will this one have us clipping our wings?

Who doesn’t love to relive their high school years…you know, prom, homecoming, rehab… And that’s just the start of the new HBO drama Euphoria, which premiered June 16th, 2019. We dove head first into this drug-induced frenzy to see what all the hype is about, and there’s truly no saying if we’ll ever sober up.

Imagine causing an entire town to literally be wiped right off the map! Now imagine all the ways in which TV producers and movie execs will profit off of it… it’s enough to make your mind explode! All bad jokes aside, Chernobyl premiered May 6th, 2019 on HBO & it’s really making waves. But is it the good, boogey-boarding kind of waves, or should we be on the look out for a tsunami next?

It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. And while you’re trying to figure out what that means, we’re over here talking about The Twilight Zone reboot that premiered April 1st, 2019 on CBS All Access. How does Jordan Peele take time from creating wildly successful and frightening movies to (re)create terrifying tv shows? We’re here to find out!

Make sure your giga pet is fed & pop on some B*Witched because we’re dialing up our internet to tell you about the next new (well…sort of) show on Hulu, PEN15, which premiered February 8, 2019. Relive every awkward middle school moment with us as we find out if this gave us straight A’s, or if this AIM screen name should be changed to Cance11Ed.

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