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Are you ready to fall in love without ever seeing the other person? How about if you only see the other person and never speak to them? Y’all, as if love wasn’t complicated enough… so we’re here to break down not one, but TWO new dating reality shows, Love is Blind and Flirty Dancing, & find out which dating barriers are the real heart breakers!

This week we’re breaking character and stabbing some people in the back to interview the feisty cast of the upcoming season of Sequester, which premieres November 3rd on YouTube! Watch the VIDEO interviews now or listen to our podcast online or by subscribing for our full cast breakdown AND we draft our top 3 winner picks at the very end!

Sing your heart out, America! The highly promoted The Masked Singer premiered January 2nd, 2019 on Fox, and we’re here to take some wild guesses on some over the top performances. Do you know whose under the masks? Does Nick Cannon know whose under the masks? We’re here to find out!

In our first season finale, we head back to the lab to discuss our favorite and not so favorite experiments from this season. Did Offred ever find her family? Does Jamie Foxx still have a job? Join us as we head back into the lab to find out!

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