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What is real love if you’re not abandoning your children, dropping 70k on a new love shack and having a quick and dirty wedding in Vegas 2 months after meeting the man of your dreams? Dirty John premiered November 25th, 2018 on Bravo. Will America’s new, potentially deadly, sweethearts give the Real Housewives a run for their money? Listen in to find out!

I hope you’ve found your spirit animal, because this week things get spooky as we review The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which premiered October 26, 2018 on Netflix. Does this dark take on Sabrina the Teenage Witch live up to it’s predecessor, or will we need some serious magic to save this one? Listen up to find out!

Friendship isn’t one big thing…it’s a million or so primetime viewers just trying to get a good cry in on a Wednesday night. A Million Little Things premiered September 26, 2018 on ABC. Listen now to find out how a lovable bunch of 30-somethings still trying to figure things out in the aftermath of tragedy pick up the pieces and also try not to get compared to This Is Us every week!

Sometimes you just want a simple vacation with family. Sometimes you get an adventure. Manifest premiered September 24th on NBC and follows a plane that takes off in 2013 and makes an emergency stop in 2018. So what do you do after the world’s longest layover? Take a listen and find out!

Good luck paying those medical bills, because we’re getting wheeled into New Amsterdam, which premiered September 25th on NBC. In a world plagued with too many doctor shows, they decided to throw yet another one at us. Will this one come back with a clean bill of health or will it die on the operating table?

Sometimes you just want to get to know someone the old fashioned way — by thoroughly stalking them. You premiered September 9th on Lifetime where we’re taken on a classic boy meets girl journey in the darkest way possible. You might delete your social media accounts after this one…

Take a bath in a dirty motel room with a bottle of vodka, because this week we’re reviewing the mini-series Sharp Objects that premiered July 9th, 2018 on HBO. This 8-part series takes you on quite the mental journey, but will you need to be committed after listening to this one? Give it a listen to find out!

Who knew that part of being the perfect assassin was having such a strong distaste for ice cream? Killing Eve premiered April 8 on BBC America & already has a greenlight for season 2! I guess people are really dying to watch. So, did we give this one a killer review? Take a listen and find out!

I hope you’re ready to save a life, because The Resident premiered January 21, 2018 on NBC. We’ve heard this one before, snarky doctor with a heart of gold, the boss who take all the credit… so is The Resident able to distinguish itself from the field of medical dramas? Or will this one need CPR stat!?

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