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Does your soul exist outside of your body in the form of a nondescript ferret? Do you have the urge to go live with a stranger minutes after your best friend was kidnapped? Well then His Dark Materials, which premiered November 3rd, 2019 might be the show for you.

When things get dark, hopefully you have your hoard of fairy friends to help immigrate to a new country with you. And when they all die in a horrific boat accident, well… there’s always Orlando Bloom. Carnival Row, which premiered August 30, 2019 on Amazon Prime, really has us flying high, but will this one have us clipping our wings?

It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. And while you’re trying to figure out what that means, we’re over here talking about The Twilight Zone reboot that premiered April 1st, 2019 on CBS All Access. How does Jordan Peele take time from creating wildly successful and frightening movies to (re)create terrifying tv shows? We’re here to find out!

We just lived out 40 years of our lives in the future and now we’ve time travelled back to the present time to tell you all about The Umbrella Academy, which premiered February 15, 2019 and is now streaming Season 1 on Netflix. I heard a rumor that you downloaded this podcast and gave it 5 stars! But will this show live up to all the gossip or is it just hearsay?

What drinks blood to live, can’t exist in sunlight & stars in a new hit series? Definitely NOT vampires! Just try not to get bit, because The Passage premiered January 14, 2019 on Fox, and any slip up could be deadly…well, sort of. Do we think this one has what it takes to survive early cancellation? Take a listen.

Kevin (Probably) Saves The World premiered October 3, 2017 on ABC. We got in touch with our godly sides this week as we discuss how down-on-his-luck Kevin is going to metaphorically and literally hug the people until the world is once again safe from destruction. Yes, really.

The Gifted premiered October 2, 2017 on Fox. This week we talk about some of the major milestones when it comes to adolescence. You know…first girlfriend, first time shaving, first time burning down your school when you discover you have a genetic anomaly. Those were the days…

In our first season finale, we head back to the lab to discuss our favorite and not so favorite experiments from this season. Did Offred ever find her family? Does Jamie Foxx still have a job? Join us as we head back into the lab to find out!

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