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Does your soul exist outside of your body in the form of a nondescript ferret? Do you have the urge to go live with a stranger minutes after your best friend was kidnapped? Well then His Dark Materials, which premiered November 3rd, 2019 might be the show for you.

Imagine causing an entire town to literally be wiped right off the map! Now imagine all the ways in which TV producers and movie execs will profit off of it… it’s enough to make your mind explode! All bad jokes aside, Chernobyl premiered May 6th, 2019 on HBO & it’s really making waves. But is it the good, boogey-boarding kind of waves, or should we be on the look out for a tsunami next?

What is real love if you’re not abandoning your children, dropping 70k on a new love shack and having a quick and dirty wedding in Vegas 2 months after meeting the man of your dreams? Dirty John premiered November 25th, 2018 on Bravo. Will America’s new, potentially deadly, sweethearts give the Real Housewives a run for their money? Listen in to find out!

Take a bath in a dirty motel room with a bottle of vodka, because this week we’re reviewing the mini-series Sharp Objects that premiered July 9th, 2018 on HBO. This 8-part series takes you on quite the mental journey, but will you need to be committed after listening to this one? Give it a listen to find out!

In our first season finale, we head back to the lab to discuss our favorite and not so favorite experiments from this season. Did Offred ever find her family? Does Jamie Foxx still have a job? Join us as we head back into the lab to find out!

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